About the Exhibit
Learn about the supporters who have generously supported this creative exploration of science education and also Corporate supporters, advisors and exhibit contributors.

This section for local news organizations contains press releases, Video B-Roll Footage for Media, Picture Database and Media Contact

Web Adventure
The educational experience was carefully designed by experts at Rice university to maximize student learning. Analyze forensic data and test your skills in this online game.

CSI: Website
Visit the Official Website for the hit CBS show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

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Check the locations and schedule page to see where the exhibit will be next and where tickets are available to purchase online.

Exhibit Locations and Schedule
The exhibit will be traveling to many locations. Get the current schedule.

Exhibition Preview
This interactive gallery will give you a sneak peek into the exhibit experience.

Family Guide
Download a full guide for families, with follow up activities for children.

View videos related to the CSI Experience.

Mission Statement
Review our educational goals.

Find out what critics and enthusiasts say about CSI: The Experience.

Read our frequently asked questions to make the most out of your visit.

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