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What does the CSI cast have to say about the exhibit? Listen to the show characters explain what they have learned about forensics, and why they feel honored to participate in CSI: The Experience.

•   George Eads (Nick Stokes) describes his personal enthusiasm for forensic science.
•   Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle) gives you the low-down on being a late blooming science enthusiast.
•   Robert David Hall (Dr. Albert Robbins) talks about growing up near the Smithsonian and developing a love of learning.

Watch the video for more cast comments.

Then, the exhibit creators inspire your scientific mind. Here the coordinators of CSI: The Experience tell you why they are proud to bring you this forensic science event. Learn about the process of putting together an expansive project like this and find out how they keep the goal of scientific inquiry as the basis for every element in the display.

Finally, you’ll hear from our visitors. See why we do what we do: to advance scientific learning for people of all ages. Hear first-hand what these kids learned as they visited the preview of CSI: The Experience.

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